Grants and Funding

Information and advice from Care & Repair is free and confidential. If you decide to carry out work with our help, there are a number of ways in which this can be funded.

Grant assistance may be available to help pay for any work that needs to be completed, subject to a means test. In some circumstances, a partial contribution may have to be made by the applicant. The level of contribution, whether partial, full or none, will be confirmed before any technical works begin.

If technical work goes ahead, we will usually charge a fee for our services. This fee, which will vary according to the complexity, location and cost of the work, may be covered by one of the grants, depending on eligibility.

We can also offer a private works service for those who are not eligible for any funding. This would include home visits, design works and project management at very competitive rates.

The following are forms of assistance under the Housing Assistance Policy all have their own individual conditions and criteria;

Adapt Grant

A grant of up to £12,000 (subject to conditions) to enable disabled people and people with mobility issues to live independently in their own home. This grant is subject to a mandatory means test* and includes the provision of equipment as well as adaptations where apropriate.

*Please see Housing Assistance Policy for exceptions.

Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

A grant of up to £30,000* is available to help people meet the cost of adaptations to a disabled person’s home. We are required to ascertain that the works are necessary and appropriate for the needs of the individual and that it is reasonable and practicable to carry out the works having regard to the age and condition of the dwelling.

* Subject to conditions.

Relocation Grant

A grant of up to £6,000 is available to people who are eligible for a DFG but where the property cannot be adapted and to help that person move to a more suitable property (subject to conditions).

Emergency Repair Grant

A grant of up to £500 to assist owner occupiers deemed to be a vulnerable household with emergency repairs to alleviate the most significant hazards (subject to conditions).

Nil Grant

You can still apply for a grant even if your contribution is higher than the likely cost of works.  If you think you may need further adaptations in the future, we can make a formal grant application and any works you pay for now, can be taken into account for future grants. For further information please speak to Care & Repair.

Low Level Prevention Grant

A grant of £300 is available to vulnerable households in west Norfolk where the applicant has a disability or debilitating health issue. The grant is to help fund low level measures and to reduce and/or delay the need for more costly adaptations. For a full list of qualifying works please click here.

Trade Off Cases

A ‘trade-off’ case is a process whereby grant / loan monies is put towards a client’s own scheme to meet their medical need rather than the alternative determined by the Integrated Housing and Adaptation Team (IHAT) which will be a basic minimal scheme. For further information please speak to Care & Repair.

Alternative Funding

If none of the above are applicable, the Care & Repair team will look to a variety of external agencies to see if they may be able to assist. These can include benevolent funds and charities.