Careline Community Service a great help to local resident

Published: Wednesday, 6th March 2019

Careline Community Service brings peace of mind to local resident, who is able to live at home independently, knowing that help is just the press of a button away

Two years ago, Donald Poole, 87, of North Wootton, went through a period of ill health. He had an infected ulcer on his leg, which affected his mobility, and he started to experience dizzy spells, fainting on a couple of occasions whilst out in town.

Donald told us; “I thought I was having a heart attack, it was terrifying and I was frightened of falling over and hurting myself”.

Over the next few weeks, the ambulance service was called out to his home multiple times and he was subsequently admitted into hospital. After several tests, Donald was diagnosed with Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA’s), which led to him fainting, but while in hospital subsequent scans revealed that he also had lung cancer.

After his treatment Donald came home from hospital feeling scared and vulnerable. Both he and his family were worried about his health and the possibility of him falling again. So Donald’s daughter Denise contacted Careline to enquire about having an alarm installed at her father’s home.

Within a few days of contacting the team, Tracy went out to the property to install an alarm and key safe.

Denise said: “It was such a relief getting Careline installed for Dad, knowing that he can press his button night or day to get help, is reassuring for all of us”.

Last year Donald and his family got the news they’d all been hoping for – the treatment had been successful and the cancer had gone. His health is now greatly improved, the TIA’s are controlled by medication and the ulcer on his leg is fully healed. Even though he feels ‘better than ever’, Donald explains: “The Careline service provided me and my family with reassurance after my illness. Now although my health is much better it still gives me peace of mind that I can press my button if I need to. It is a wonderful service.”

Careline Community Service provides a range of equipment to help people to remain living independently in their own home.

Judith Berry, Careline Community Services Manager, said: “Anyone who wants to find out more, either for themselves or a relative, should get in touch with us. We can arrange a home visit to talk through the options available and which service would be the most appropriate. We can even arrange for a demonstration so that they can see for themselves how easy to use the various devices are.”

To find out more about how we can help please contact the Careline team on 01553 616200 (option 6).


New look for Lily

The Lily service has expanded to include everyone aged 18 and over.  To incorporate new content and activities, the Lily online directory has had a complete makeover – new brand, new information and improved search facilities.

Originally created to provide support and information for those in later years, the service now provides for anyone aged 18 and over. Visit it on to see the changes that have been made and search the new categories.

Lily provides a comprehensive range of support in west Norfolk to combat loneliness and social isolation in adults of all ages. The project is linked to the ‘No Lonely Day’ initiative, and encourages our residents to develop friendships and engage in their local communities.

Judith Berry, Careline Community Service Manager, said “Our services include promoting volunteering opportunities, finding out about benefits, addressing rural issues such as transport, encouraging the use of technology, and a whole host of other activities to support people to become, and stay, well-connected in their local area. For many people just finding someone to talk to who understands what its like to live alone, or be a carer, can really help.”

Lily advisors from five local charities offer face-to-face support to help people get involved in our community.

Elizabeth Nockolds, Deputy Leader of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk and cabinet member of Culture Heritage and Health, said: “The expansion of the service has been funded by the Norfolk County Council ‘In Good Company’ initiative. This means we are able to provide an inter-generational service to help reduce social isolation across west Norfolk.

“The online LILY directory has expanded to support access to a whole range of social activities and information for all adults over the age of 18. We have also expanded our LILY Adviser service which will mean people can have up to five one-to-one meetings with a Lily Adviser. This could provide help with identifying specific barriers, finding social activities that would help, or even attending an activity with someone.

“Reducing all types of social isolation can really help someone’s mental wellbeing and general health, so we are keen to reach out to people of all ages through our online and face-to-face services.”

Residents of west Norfolk and Swaffham affected by loneliness or social isolation can call Lily on 01553 616200, email or visit the online directory

Care & Repair and Careline Community Service at the QEH

We will resume our stand at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on the second Wednesday of the month between 10am and 12pm when it is safe to do so and in line with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

In the meantime, call us on 01553 616200 and talk to one of our advisors about how we can help you to remain living at home independently for as long as possible.

Come along and see us at Alive Lynnsport, Alive Oasis and Alive Downham Leisure

Careline Community Service, Care and Repair and LILY (Living Independently in Later Years) will resume their regular stand at Alive Lynnsport, Alive Oasis and Alive Downham Leisure when it is safe to do so in line with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.  In the meantime, call us on 01553 616200 and find out more about what these services can offer and talk to one of our friendly team about what they can do for you, your friends, neighbours or loved ones.


Alive Lynnsport – Reception Area;

Dates to be confirmed


Alive Oasis –  Alive Bites Cafe;      Ask Lily Photo


Dates to be confirmed


Alive Downham Leisure – Reception Area


Dates to be confirmed

If you would like more information on any of these services please visit,, or or contact us on 01553 616200.

Financial help for west Norfolk residents to make home improvements

Up to £300 could be available per household to help people keep living safely in their own home.

The money, which is being offered by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk’s Care & Repair service, is to provide a handyperson service to assist west Norfolk residents with a disability or debilitating health issue, to remain living independently for longer.

Work covered could include fitting grab rails or bannisters, fitting smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, improving lighting, and changing taps and flush handles to make them easier to use. Equipment such as half steps, bath boards or perching stools could also be provided.

Applying for this funding is easy, just contact the Care & Repair team for an informal discussion to see how they can help you or your loved one. Call the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk on 01553 616200 and select option 6.

The landlord’s permission is required for any work carried out to rented accommodation. The funding is not available for work that is considered to be the landlord’s responsibility.

Full details about the scheme are available on the Care & Repair website at under the OurServices tab.

Services to the Community Marketplace Days

Careline Community Services, Care & Repair and LILY will be attending the ‘Community Marketplace’ events at local libraries throughout West Norfolk when it is safe to do so in line with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. In the meantime, call us on 01553 616200 and find out more about what these services can offer and talk to one of our friendly team about what they can do for you, your friends, neighbours or loved ones.

LILY advisors visit community events

The popular LILY (Living Independently in Later Years) Advisors have now been out in the community for six months.

They have been having regular stands in all the libraries locally and have been out and about giving talks and taking information out all over West Norfolk and Swaffham.

They hold regular sessions in GP surgeries and hospitals and will also be having information stands in Alive Leisure Centres.

The 29 advisors are from four local charities; West Norfolk Befriending, West Norfolk Carers, West Norfolk Deaf Association and West Norfolk Mind and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

They are also available for home visits to help older people, their families, friends and carers to find information, local organisations and social activities, using mobile technology.

Details of where the advisors will be can be found in the ‘LILY in your community’ section of the LILY online directory.

LILY Advisor, Lorraine, from West Norfolk Deaf Association, said “People often say they are not old enough for LILY but when they see the wide range of information and all the social activities on the online directory they soon change their mind! They don’t realise what support is available for them and they love that they can talk to us face to face.”

The LILY online directory includes information on health, money matters, looking after someone, volunteering, dementia guidance and help for older people to continue living safely and independently in their own home.

To request a LILY Advisor to give a talk at a group, or to find out more about LILY, please call 01553 616200. The online directory can be found at  



LILY heads out into the community

The popular LILY (Living Independently in Later Years) initiative has been extended with the addition of Lily Advisors who will attend events and activities in the local community to provide advice and information, and the introduction of dementia-friendly home assessments.

Cllr Adrian Lawrence, borough council cabinet member for Housing and Community, explained: “LILY was designed to make it much easier for older people, their families, friends and carers to access information about services, advice, activities and events that will help them to continue to live safely and independently in their own home for longer.

“When the project began this was through the online directory or by calling 01553 616200.”

The LILY Online Directory brings together over 1000 services, activities and events – including information and advice on money matters, social activities, health, transport and more, making it easy for people to find the contacts and information they need.

It also includes sections for a local ‘What’s On’ guide, local news page, NHS Choices information and the site can be searched by category, key words, location or via the sites pre-populated quick links.

Cllr Lawrence continued: “Now we have extended the initiative further so that we have advisors who are available to attend events such as luncheon clubs, neighbourhood meetings, social or community group events, to talk about the LILY initiative and how it can help. They will have mobile technology so that they can show people how to find their way around the online directory to access the support, advice and information that they need.”

The events/locations that the LILY advisers will be attending can be found on the ‘News’ page of the LILY Online Directory.